Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello again!

I'm a bad blogger. But, I was out of town for awhile, so I have a good excuse for not updating! :)

Took a mini road trip with a good friend and her adorable son to visit the homes of James Monroe (Ash Lawn-Highland) and Thomas Jefferson (Monticello), both of which were beyond gorgeous. Followed by a yummy dinner in Charlottesville and plenty of people watching in the pedestrian mall while enjoying ice cream.

Spent 3 days in Wisconsin with a fabulous friend and her fiance. Took the train to Chicago, did tons of shopping, toured Jelly Belly and bought 2 lbs of jelly beans, played beer pong (with Smirnoff!), spent half a day at the Renaissance Fair, and enjoyed a bonfire. Awesome time had by all! :)

Then I spent roughly 2 days in Ohio visiting mine and my husband's family and watching my very first demolition derby, which my husband just happened to have a car in! He did well enough in his heat to make it to the feature, but after only having 15 minutes to work on the car and get it running for the feature, his battery was dead and he wasn't able to run in the feature. But he had an amazing time, and I would be very suprised if he doesn't derby again next year. :)

Now I'm back home, with a million pictures to edit, but no motivation to get them done. After being so busy all I want to do is sit around and relax, so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

- Honeybee