All About Us

Who am I?

I am 26 years old. My birthday is in April.

I grew up in the great state of Ohio. I couldn't wait to leave, but now I know that Ohio will always be my home, regardless of where life takes me.

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. Our anniversary is in July.

I am a Navy wife (a Seabees wife to be exact!). I am insanely proud of my husband for choosing to join the military. I love the military lifestyle. We have lived in 3 different states and 1 country since we married, and we have gone through 4 deployments and a C school. If all goes as planned, my husband will be a lifer. We are nearly halfway there!

My mother is truly is an inspiration to me. She is a retired high school History/Government teacher. Out of 9 children, she is the only one to graduate from college (with a Master's degree at that!). After raising a son of her own, she made the decision to adopt myself and my brother. Yes, she's hardheaded and opinionated, but she has a huge heart and will do almost anything to help somebody in need. We had rough years when I was a know-it-all teenager, but now she is one of my best friends. I thank God she is a lung cancer survivor! "All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

My father was a wonderful man. He lost his battle against lung cancer (nearly) a year ago. I miss him terribly. He was kind, patient, and hated talking on the phone (that's where I get it from, I guess!). He was a jack-of-all trades and was forever building, creating, tinkering. He was the king of one-liners and never failed to put a smile on my face. I could go to him with anything and knew he would accept me and love me, no matter what. He worked nights and for the longest time I didn't think he really worked, since he was home when I would go to bed, and he was home when I would wake up. I thought all the stories he told us about work were made up! hahaha :) He was the most wonderful dad a girl could ever hope for, and I am so glad he chose me to be his daughter!

As already mentioned, I am adopted. I have 1 full sibling (we were adopted together), 4 half siblings and 1 sibling by law. My adoption is open, and I know both my birth father and birth mother. My birth mother is one of those extremely fertile women who had 5 children, never found out whether she was having a boy or a girl and always did labor without any drugs. Too bad her fertility didn't get passed on to me! She has had her own struggles in life, and I am proud of her for rising above them. I am thankful that I inherited her positive outlook on life. My birth father is not as involved in my life, but I continue to hope for the best for him. Someday, regardless of where our fertility journey leads us, my husband and I will adopt a child. I have never wished I wasn't adopted. My life has been everything I would wish for, because my mom and dad chose my brother and I to be their children. I am eternally thankful for that.

I love to read. I am a huge bookworm. When I buy a purse it has to be big enough to fit a book in it. I'm a fast reader, so I can get through a book in a day or two - sometimes hours if I'm really into it.

My dream career is to be a photographer. I love natural light couple/engagement photography. But my shyness makes it really difficult for me to pursue my dream. If I can learn photography well enough to take portraits of my family and friends, I will be extremely happy!

I am honestly obsessed with Friends. Every night when I go to bed I turn on my DVD player and watch at least 1 episode of Friends. Sure, I probably have seen every episode at least a dozen times, but I don't care. They still make me happy, and that's why I love to watch them.

I am constantly cold so my husband and I fight over the thermostat. I sleep under about 10 blankets on the bed, and my husband sleeps on top of about 10 blankets on the bed.

If I won the lottery I would want to travel the world. I've been to France twice, and lived in Iceland for a year, but there is so much more I want to see. If I ever visited Australia I might never return!

I still haven't graduated from college. I got married after my first year, and even though I have taken college classes over the past 6 years, the fact that I balance school and work means I am very, very slowly chipping away at my degree, and at this rate, I don't know if I'll ever graduate! My mom's biggest wish is for me to graduate from college, so I feel like I'm failing her.

Spiders terrify me. They are big and nasty and incredibly scary. Enough said.

I have had about a million blond moments in my lifetime. My husband is constantly amazed by the things I say, do and think. Maybe someday my brain will wake up from the coma it appears to be in! hahaha....

Who is he?

He is 27 years old. Born in November.

He is an electrician in the Navy Seabees and has been for 9 years now. Never planned on staying in past his original enlistment of 5 years, but things change.

Has an 3 siblings - an older brother, and a younger brother and sister. Very protective of his youngest sister.

Misses Ohio dearly and can't wait to move back. Never imagined he'd be gone for so long!

Loves to go hunting, fishing, four wheeling. Believes guns are to be bought, not sold, which is probably why his wife thinks he has too many guns. Proud member of the NRA and very knowledgeable about castle laws.

Has a big extended family, and truly believes family is everything. Can't imagine what it would be like to grow up in a family that wasn't close knit.  

Thinks it's true that a clean truck is a happy truck. Wouldn't drive a Chevy if his life depended on it.

Wears baseball hats 98% of the time. Except at dinner and in church.

Doesn't play video games (to which his wife is eternally thankful).

Roots for the Cleveland Browns.

Has a fantastic memory.

Loves going to country concerts.

Very outgoing and can talk to just about anybody. Exact opposite of his wife!