U.S. Navy Seabees

"The only trouble with your Seabees is that you don't have enough of them."
Gen. Douglas MacArthur

The Seabees are the construction battalion of the Navy. The Seabees motto is "Construmus Batumius", or "We Build, We Fight", which essentially means that they build (duh!) and they defend what they build. Their logo is a fighting bee (drawn by FrankJ. Iafrate). The Seabee's are comprised of Construction Electricians (CE), Construction Mechanics (CM), Equipment Operators (EO), Builders (BU), Steel Workers (SW), Utilitesman (UT), and Engineering Aides (EA).

There are currently about 18,000 Navy Seabees serving worldwide. Two thirds of today's Seabees are reservists. Active duty Seabees serve in eight active Battalions, two Amphibious Construction Battalions (ACB's) and two Underwater Construction Teams (UCT's). With a primary mission of providing continuing construction in a war zone, the Seabees are ready to deploy on short notice to any point on the globe. Seabees also conduct humanitarian missions worldwide, including earthquake and hurricane recovery efforts in the United States.

With willing hearts and skillfull hands
The difficult we do at once
The impossible takes a bit longer
With compassion for others
We build - we fight for peace with freeom
   Seabee Memorial, Arlington, VA