Sunday, September 4, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

This upcoming week my mom will be hiring a lawyer for my husband and I to get custody of my half-brother. We'll call him bumblebee on here (gotta keep the theme going, right? haha). Hopefully everything will go smoothly and bumblebee will be able to accompany my mom and brother here for Thanksgiving and will stay with us once they go back home. Today my husband and I went to Target and picked up a few things for his bedroom that we're setting up. We decided to convert our computer room into his bedroom. We were going to just use the guest room at first, but decided we want to keep the guest room since I know we'll be getting more visits now. So, we have to buy everything you can think of, since all we have in the computer room is a desk, obviously, and a sofa bed, which we will get rid of. He already has a comforter, but we got some cute sheets that were on sale and an awesome lamp to put on his nightstand and some pegs to hang on his walls (which I imagine we'll use to hang his clothes out for school the night before). They are all sports themed, because he really likes baseball, and they'll go well with his solid color comforter. I'm very excited about putting a room together for him. I also started a binder that I'm keeping lists of all the things we need/want to do, and I'm excited to fill it full of information. My husband called his mom and his dad and broke the news to them. His dad was shocked, to say the least, but is supportive of our decision. His mom, on the other hand, was giddy with excitement! And as soon as she got of the phone with my husband she called his brother and sister, who both called us, and they were ecstatic too! I also told my birth mom, who said she was very proud of us. I'm really glad that everyone is on our side and is ready to support us in any way. Bumblebee is going to be part of a very loving family, that's for sure! :)

- Honeybee

Friday, September 2, 2011

Curve ball

I know, I know, I'm horrible at updating. But I'm back to share this... life has thrown a curve ball at my husband and I. We had unofficially decided that we would wait until January to continue with IUI because the military doesn't cover the process, and if I get on my work's insurance then we'll get fertility coverage. So we decided that we'll hold off until then, in order to pay less out of pocket. And that is still the plan as of right now, but this week we received a life changing phone call. And it's a rather long story and I'd rather not put all the dirty details out there right now, but the short and sweet version is that my husband and I will be getting custody of my youngest half-brother and raising him. We have the same biological father - his biological mother's half sister had custody of him until yesterday, when my mom got temporary emergency custody. My mom is going to hire a lawyer in order to help my husband and I get full custody of him, so he can come live with us. My mom would love to have him, she adores him, but my mom is told old to raise another child (reminder: my mom adopted my brother and I 20 some years ago, after raising her own son) so we are more than happy to take him into our home. He is turning 11 in a few weeks, so it's incredibly scary to be going from 0 to an 11 year old, but my husband and I can give him a stable home and the love that he deserves, and I'm excited to do what I can for him. :)

One heck of a curve ball, huh?

- Honeybee

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello again!

I'm a bad blogger. But, I was out of town for awhile, so I have a good excuse for not updating! :)

Took a mini road trip with a good friend and her adorable son to visit the homes of James Monroe (Ash Lawn-Highland) and Thomas Jefferson (Monticello), both of which were beyond gorgeous. Followed by a yummy dinner in Charlottesville and plenty of people watching in the pedestrian mall while enjoying ice cream.

Spent 3 days in Wisconsin with a fabulous friend and her fiance. Took the train to Chicago, did tons of shopping, toured Jelly Belly and bought 2 lbs of jelly beans, played beer pong (with Smirnoff!), spent half a day at the Renaissance Fair, and enjoyed a bonfire. Awesome time had by all! :)

Then I spent roughly 2 days in Ohio visiting mine and my husband's family and watching my very first demolition derby, which my husband just happened to have a car in! He did well enough in his heat to make it to the feature, but after only having 15 minutes to work on the car and get it running for the feature, his battery was dead and he wasn't able to run in the feature. But he had an amazing time, and I would be very suprised if he doesn't derby again next year. :)

Now I'm back home, with a million pictures to edit, but no motivation to get them done. After being so busy all I want to do is sit around and relax, so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

- Honeybee

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blabbing away...

Not much to update on, really. My husband is in our home state on leave for nearly a month. I'm going to miss him, that's for sure, but being able to pick what I want to watch on tv, making meals based on what I want, and having the bed all to myself make the time he's gone easier to handle. :) hahaha... And I know the time will fly by and he'll be home before I know it.

Work is stressing me out. I had to borrow my husband's ipod to take with me, because their constant blabbing about stupid stuff makes me want to scream. It wouldn't be so bad if I had my own cubicle, but there are 7 of us in what used to be one person's office. It's cramped! Oh how I wish I could find another job, but I just hit my one year mark, so I finally have vacation time, and since we'll most likely be transferring in approximately a year and a half, it seems silly to find a new job. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that when we do transfer I'll be able to stay home with a new baby. Wouldn't that be nice?? :)

Just wanted to post a quick update so ya'll don't think I went off the deep end for good. I really appreciate the kind words - it helps to know I'm not the only one to feel that way! Now I'm off to veg out of the couch and relax with a book.

- Honeybee

Friday, July 15, 2011


You know, I'm normally a very positive person. I am normally genuinely happy for people who get pregnant and have babies. But some days are harder than others. Some days I wonder why all of my cousins seem to get pregnant before they're in committed relationships... Why they get pregnant when they don't have a desire to be a mother in the first place.... Why they get pregnant while on birth control... And why do my friends get pregnant after just a couple months of trying... Why do they get a surprise baby when they've made the decision to not have any more children... Why are they blessed with beautiful bundles of joy and my husband and I cannot get pregnant without medicine and doctors offices and the least romantic situations you can think of. Why them and not me? Why not them and me?

Having a rough week... Well, rough month more like it. My best friend gave birth at the end of June, to her 3rd child, a surprise pregnancy, and yes, I am ecstatic for her, but I'm sad for me. And then I had my first IUI end in a BFN, which obviously added to my sadness. Plus the feelings of regret that I wasn't able to make my father a grandfather before he passed away. And this week a cousin gave birth to her first child. A surprise pregnancy with an on-off boyfriend she's had for a number of years. Again, thrilled for her, sad for me... I'm feeling bitter this week. This is not me at my best. And I don't like feeling this way.

- Honeybee