Our Love Story/TTC Timeline

Everything you ever wanted to know and more!

August 2001 - Honeybee and Seabee are in the same English class. Honeybee is the quiet, shy, studious girl who everyone thinks is a snob because she is so quiet. Seabee is the class clown and develops an instant crush on Honeybee but is afraid to tell her due to previously mentioned snobbishness.

September 2001 - Seabee finally works up the nerve to talk to Honeybee, and they go on their first date. After a great first date, and first kiss, they officially become boyfriend and girlfriend on September 25th!

October 2001 - Seabee joins the Navy. Honeybee tells him to do what he wants, because it's his life, not hers! Famous last words. :-P

June 2002 - Seabee graduates from high school and leaves for basic training. Honeybee is a Navy girlfriend now! 

June 2003 - Honeybee graduates from high school!

February 2003 - August 2003 - Deployment number 1.

October 2003 - Honeybee visits Seabee in Washington, where he is stationed at the time, and he proposes on October 16th! Honeybee is a Navy fiance!

July 2004 - Honeybee and Seabee marry on July 24th! Together forever! :) Honeybee moves to Washington to be with her husband. Honeybee is officially a Navy wife, and proud of it!

July 2005 - After transferring overseas it's time to throw out the BC! Not officially trying, but not not trying either. Yes, that is possible!

December 2006 - Transferred to California. Still no pregnancy... Deployment schedule plus irregular cycles make it difficult to really try.

December 2006 - June 2007 - Deployment number 2.

October 2007 - December 2007 - C school (in another state!).

March 2008 - October 2008 - Deployment number 3.

August 2009 - February 2010 - Deployment number 4.

February 2010 - Move to Virginia, start using ovulation predictors and realize ovulation is not occurring. Go to PCM and get a referral to a fertility specialist.

October 2010 to March 2011 - Complete all fertility testing. Determine Honeybee has poly cystic ovaries and does not ovulate on her own. Seabee has very thick semen. Doctor decides to proceed with medicine and IUI.

April 2011/May 2011- Provera to begin cycle, 2.5 mg of Femara on days 3 - 7. Ultrasound on CD13, no response to medicine.

June 2011/July 2011- Provera to begin cycle, 5 mg of Femara on days 3 -7. Ultrasound on CD11, appear to have no response to medicine. Repeat ultrasound on CD13, 9 mm follicle in one ovary, 13 mm and 16 mm follicles in other ovary. Trigger shot on CD15. IUI #1 on CD17 - post wash sperm count 30 million, 66% motility. BFN on 14dpiui.

Who can say what's next?