Friday, September 2, 2011

Curve ball

I know, I know, I'm horrible at updating. But I'm back to share this... life has thrown a curve ball at my husband and I. We had unofficially decided that we would wait until January to continue with IUI because the military doesn't cover the process, and if I get on my work's insurance then we'll get fertility coverage. So we decided that we'll hold off until then, in order to pay less out of pocket. And that is still the plan as of right now, but this week we received a life changing phone call. And it's a rather long story and I'd rather not put all the dirty details out there right now, but the short and sweet version is that my husband and I will be getting custody of my youngest half-brother and raising him. We have the same biological father - his biological mother's half sister had custody of him until yesterday, when my mom got temporary emergency custody. My mom is going to hire a lawyer in order to help my husband and I get full custody of him, so he can come live with us. My mom would love to have him, she adores him, but my mom is told old to raise another child (reminder: my mom adopted my brother and I 20 some years ago, after raising her own son) so we are more than happy to take him into our home. He is turning 11 in a few weeks, so it's incredibly scary to be going from 0 to an 11 year old, but my husband and I can give him a stable home and the love that he deserves, and I'm excited to do what I can for him. :)

One heck of a curve ball, huh?

- Honeybee


  1. Holy cow, thats a pretty big curve ball. You can give this kid the stable home and steady love that he deserves. Good luck!

  2. Wow, definitely a curve ball. But most likely a big blessing too :) Thinking of you all....