Sunday, September 4, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

This upcoming week my mom will be hiring a lawyer for my husband and I to get custody of my half-brother. We'll call him bumblebee on here (gotta keep the theme going, right? haha). Hopefully everything will go smoothly and bumblebee will be able to accompany my mom and brother here for Thanksgiving and will stay with us once they go back home. Today my husband and I went to Target and picked up a few things for his bedroom that we're setting up. We decided to convert our computer room into his bedroom. We were going to just use the guest room at first, but decided we want to keep the guest room since I know we'll be getting more visits now. So, we have to buy everything you can think of, since all we have in the computer room is a desk, obviously, and a sofa bed, which we will get rid of. He already has a comforter, but we got some cute sheets that were on sale and an awesome lamp to put on his nightstand and some pegs to hang on his walls (which I imagine we'll use to hang his clothes out for school the night before). They are all sports themed, because he really likes baseball, and they'll go well with his solid color comforter. I'm very excited about putting a room together for him. I also started a binder that I'm keeping lists of all the things we need/want to do, and I'm excited to fill it full of information. My husband called his mom and his dad and broke the news to them. His dad was shocked, to say the least, but is supportive of our decision. His mom, on the other hand, was giddy with excitement! And as soon as she got of the phone with my husband she called his brother and sister, who both called us, and they were ecstatic too! I also told my birth mom, who said she was very proud of us. I'm really glad that everyone is on our side and is ready to support us in any way. Bumblebee is going to be part of a very loving family, that's for sure! :)

- Honeybee


  1. It's been two months and I'm dying to know what's happening! Have you stopped blogging? Please say you haven't stopped blogging.

  2. I guess you stopped blogging. :-( Hope you're well.